Effective Language Immersion

What We Do


Our Mission


The ELI educational programs have been designed for the student to experience languages in a natural way.

Being in contact with the language 24 hours provide all skills necessary to learn a language faster than any classroom. That is why our programs give the students the opportunity to live the language, feel it, expresses it and storage as theirs .


The Classes

We know that English from England is the original, the classic English and it has been recognised as the most clear and elegant, that's why ELI has chosen the best teachers with lots of experience and passionate about their mission form schools accredited by the British Council.

You can attend General English Classes,  IELTS classes and One to One classes.  


Our Accomodation


We know how important it is for parents that their children are safe and happy with everything they need to take advantage of their great experience. 

Our Homestays are carefully selected, we can arrange for the families to meet the hostess via Skype beforehand and we will keep all the possible ways of contact with the parents during the student stay. There will be a person in charge and open to communicate with the students 24 hours.

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